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Welcome to Yunex
Traffic Portugal

We launch cities into the future.

Yunex Traffic develops innovative mobility ecosystems and services for the smart city making mobility safer, more efficient, and more sustainable with forward-looking infrastructure and transport solutions.

Yunex Traffic is present in Portugal with a consolidated team of experts who can support the mobility community in any stage of mobility management initiatives.

With all the national permits to operate and compliance certifications towards Quality, Environment, Health and Safety and Maintenance norms, the team ranges from several disciplines of engineering (electrical, electronic, software and civil/traffic) to technical professionals to capable of deploying and servicing our projects.

Traffic Management from birth

Yunex Traffic Portugal started by servicing the traffic management system of key cities in the country – Lisbon and Porto. From that seed, the team developed itself continuously, always in cooperation with these cities and others like Cascais, Vilamoura, Oeiras, Viseu, Braga and Funchal.

The portfolio and references go from roadside devices like controllers, road side units, signalheads and sensors up to centralized software solutions, including also speed enforcement devices, variable message signs and all other systems and solution to support effective traffic management.

The team is also active in interurban traffic solutions, from engineering to services.

Ride the change… ride an e-bike!

At Yunex Traffic, we take seriously our environmental goals and the commitment to the creation of solutions that not only improve cities’ traffic management capabilities but are also aligned with reducing our carbon and ecological footprint.

Fully aligned with this spirit, the Portuguese team is active in the shared mobility arena, through an innovative bikesharing system that can take cities to the next level in the mix of urban mobility options offered to its citizens.

Our multitasked team of experts thought and developed a well-rounded solution that will give you as user the best and most comfortable riding experience developed by Yunex Traffic Portugal, while providing the city with a fully connected and highly manageable bikesharing (public) transportation system. Because we want to improve your journey and transform the city.

Increased pedestrian safety

22% of all traffic road accidents involve pedestrians. The pedestrian is the most vulnerable road user and the risk of accident increases significantly in hours of less visibility. 

How many times as drivers, have we faced the difficulty of noticing the presence of a crosswalk right in front of us?

The SiWalk, developed by Yunex Traffic Portugal, is combination of devices that takes a step forward to turn cities into safer places and without increasing the energy consumption – it is has self-energy producing capacities, from wind and sun. 

SiWalk enhances the importance of a crosswalk through a smart lighting system that detects automatically the approach of a pedestrian; then, by lightning the cross walk when someone has the intention of crossing the road, it increases visibility and safety in hours or conditions of less visibility.

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Smarter ways. It’s your city.

With our wide portfolio, resulting of many decades of development, combined with cutting edge digital technology, Yunex Traffic Portugal is the combination of consolidated experienced company with the energy of a startup. We work, consistently, on a safer mobility infrastructure, on an improved urban space  and a more sustainable transportation network.